Grace For Grown-Ups - Full Cover
Paul Anderson-Walsh’s new book is just about to be release, and you can pre-order your copy now. This is the second in his trilogy of books entitled Until Christ Is Formed. The first in the series; Safe & Sound is available to purchase from the Resources Desk and forms the basis of the current IGC teaching series which you can listen to here.
Here is what some other notable authors have said about Paul’s new book. Their works are also available at the IGC Resources Desk.

I read Grace for Grown Ups in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. In my opinion, this is the best of his books yet. Reading it stimulated my mind, activated my faith and motivated my emotions. His descriptive account of the fall of man may be the best I’ve ever seen. His story of Big Momma whom he met on a train ride one day simultaneously brought me a chuckle and a tear.

Dr. Steve McVey Author, “Grace Walk”

In my opinion Paul Anderson-Walsh has stepped into the centre of a raging, world wide spiritual reformation, and amidst its fire and chaos has brought simplicity, order, reason and clarity in his latest book, Grace for Grown Ups. It is no secret that the grace movement has exploded across the world, infiltrating and affecting nearly every Christian denomination to its very core. This book is for the Christian person who truly wants to grow in grace; if you want more out of the grace message than just a spiritual pain killer to be taken as needed, Grace for Grown Ups is a spiritual roadmap that will lead you to that end. Truly a masterpiece.

Darin Hufford (best selling author of The Misunderstood God)

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