What about tithing?

In our community one of the first things that you’ll hear as a newcomer is, if you’re not free to do nothing, you’re not free to do anything.

Visitors are surprised when they hear us say at the offering, if you’re not free to say no, you’re not free to say yes. It’s almost counter-intuitive to hear us, for instance, teach against the law of tithing.

For the record, we believe it’s not so much a matter of, if we don’t pay our tithe we’re robbing God (Mal. 3:8-10) but rather, if we’re paying tithes under the law of God will bless me if I do, and get me if I don’t – then we’re being robbed of God!

Christians don’t pay tithes – we are the tithe! We need only offer ourselves to God and He will decide how and on what to spend us. When we do that, see how he opens the windows of heaven!