8 Days To Easter

For a lot of Christians, Holy Week (which is also known as Easter Week) is a sacred week in the church year. It starts with Palm Sunday when Jesus enters the city of Jerusalem and leads us through the Last Supper, His crucifixion, and ends on Easter Sunday with His resurrection. The week gives us an opportunity to reflect upon Jesus and the sacrifice he made on the cross.

Members of our leadership have shared their thoughts and reflections in the days leading up to Easter:

Palm Sunday reflection by Gill Mercer

‘Palm Sunday is full of joy and exuberance, a chance for us to praise and thank God for all he has done in our lives and to thank him for Jesus our King of Kings.’

Holy Monday reflection by Chris Smith

‘After the adulation and worship of Palm Sunday, one wonders- did Jesus think ahead to what was to come? The same people who waved palm branches were to shout “crucify” before the week was out.. When we leave the heights of Sunday worship and go back to our daily lives, what challenges do we face? Do we put on our Sunday face and then sink back into our fears and worries when we get home? From the hill to the valley, He is always there, in our victories and in our trials. Put your trust in Him.’

Holy Tuesday reflection by Frank Bolaji Irawo

Frank shared a poem he wrote titled ‘The Unknown God’

Holy Wednesday reflection by Tajhame Francis

Tajhame shared a poem he wrote titled ‘Eternal Lighthouse’:

I can’t imagine what it was like
The agony and humiliation
All eyes on you
From praise to disdain
Unaware that you were the one that came to save

It was hidden in plain sight
The bigger plan in motion
To secure our hope
It was worth it to endure
Because you defeated it all
To draw lost souls
To you, the eternal lighthouse

Holy Thursday/ Maundy Thursday reflection by Paul Onifade

‘JESUS CLEANSES and he is the one that cleanses. And as we approach the Easter weekend, I want you to know that his death on the cross is there to cleanse you and free you altogether from sin and guilt’- Paul Onifade

Paul Onifade shares his Maundy Thursday/ Holy Thursday reflections and reminds us of Jesus’ authority to forgive sin by washing his disciples’ feet.


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