Jesus died so that we can live

Jesus’ death was not a tragedy but a triumph, a victory over sin and death that opened the door to new life for all. This new life is a free gift, offered to us through faith in Jesus. It is not just a future hope but a present reality, it transforms us into new creations in the here and now, providing hope in a hopeless world, joy when there is so much sorrow, and purpose when everything seems aimless.

The “wages of sin” which is death has been paid in full by Jesus, he became the ransom payment for all, and he paid the outstanding wages, Hallelujah! His resurrection is the receipt that proves that the “wages” was paid in full.

Jesus’ “death and resurrection” is not a theological concept or a social construct but a demonstration of Agape. We are called to live lives of love, service, and obedience, as Jesus did. This involves not just believing in Jesus but practically applying his teachings by serving others.

The scripture uses economic language, “wages of sin is death” to describe sins’ impact on mankind. Anyone who has experienced death can attest to the fact that they felt robbed, overwhelmed, engulfed by darkness, grief etc. they would simply give anything to take the pain away or turn back the clock. Debt too has the power to rob people of their lives and has a huge impact on people’s welfare, especially their mental health. If you knew someone who was drowning in debt and you knew that their debt had been paid in full but they didn’t know about it, would you continue to withhold that information? Jesus died so that we could live” is a powerful reminder of His sacrificial love. Will you share this Good News with others who are unaware that the wages of sin have been paid and they now have access to life and not death.


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