Sons Of Thunder – UK Conference

Sons Of Thunder UK Tour With John Crowder
Sons Of Thunder UK Tour With John Crowder
Sons Of Thunder UK Tour With John Crowder

IGC is proud to welcome The New Mystics with John Crowder for a special conference on Tuesday 8th & Wednseday 9th September 2015. The first session is at 7:00pm on Tuesday, followed by two sessions at 2:00pm and 7:00pm on Wednesday.

The conference will also feature Godfrey Birtill leading worship.

Get ready for two days of immersion in the unspeakable joy of our salvation! Come experience the love wine of Jesus with us as we explore the scandal of grace and the divine mystery of the Gospel. Join John Crowder in one of four locations across the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland – or make a pilgrimage and attend the whole tour! These events are all about fun in the presence of God as we commune together, enjoy the supernatural, and receive fresh revelatory downloads. Expect an atmosphere of miracles and transformation as we feast on the happy Gospel.

More than a doctrine – Grace is a Person! The divine influence of God upon man, poured out freely as we have been woven into Jesus’ relationship with the Father. Plunge headlong into the Glory and Grace of His presence!

There is fresh awakening of the finished work of the Cross. Join us on tour for a mega-dose of intoxicating theology, packed with deep teaching and hands-on impartation and activation.

Tickets cost £20 for the two days and all the information as well as how to book can be found at Places are limited so book now!


Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays


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