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September, time for a new start?

As we move into September the ninth month of the year it is a time for new startsespecially for children and young people. The holidays are over and the summerweather has nearly passed. Some of us are re-energised after the holidays away. It’stime for something

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The Blueprint for Earthly Fatherhood

The Blueprint for Earthly Fatherhood Matthew 24:12 CBJ ‘…and many people’s love will grow cold because of increased distance from (God) the word, Torah.’ As I reflect on the increase lawlessness and selfishness around us and in particular relating to our younger generation. I can

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Thy Kingdom Come

As the U.K. celebrates the coronation of its 62nd King, King Charles III, I am reminded of how our heavenly King starkly differs from earthly kings. The institution of kingship, or monarchy, has existed in various forms throughout human history and across different cultures. Before

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Jesus died so that we can live

Jesus’ death was not a tragedy but a triumph, a victory over sin and death that opened the door to new life for all. This new life is a free gift, offered to us through faith in Jesus. It is not just a future hope

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